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Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Policy

Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville is a non-smoking, alcohol-free and drug-free facility. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, drugs and tobacco products are prohibited in all Grand View Surgery Center buildings and properties. This restriction applies to patients, visitors and staff.

Weapons Policy

Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville is a weapons prohibited facility. Please leave any items that could pose a safety threat to patients, visitors or staff at home. This includes guns, sharp scissors, pepper spray, mace, box cutters and knives. If we become aware of these items among your belongings, we will ask that the items be secured off site or they will be locked in our safe. Any items will be returned to you upon discharge.

Friends and Family Policy

Grand View Surgery Center at Harleysville values the comfort of both the patients and their care partners. We kindly ask that patients keep no more than two people in accompaniment at the surgical center. Small children would be best tended to at home with a guardian. Your accompanying care partner(s) should remain at the center during your procedure so that the surgeon may update him or her. If the care partner should decide to leave the facility, we kindly ask that he or she checks with the receptionist and keeps the designated cell phone on LOUD. Care partners should note that many patients are not permitted to eat or drink anything prior to their procedures and should be considerate of the patients in the waiting area.

**While we continue through the COVID pandemic, we kindly ask that only SURGERY patients enter our waiting room**